Beauty In Other Cultures Among Women of racial groups

Beauty In Other Cultures Among Women of racial groups

           Since the day we were born men have named women, the creator of what it means to be beautiful, and the women of the different racial groups tend to have the same meaning of what beauty is, but their cultures reflection of beauty is distributed externally differently. Majority of the women, if asked the question what does beauty mean, would have similar responses suggesting beauty is truly deeper than the obvious physical appearance of the skin, which promote beauty as having the ability to see others people beyond superficial and appreciate what someone has the internally. Once beauty is created through women, it inspires high expectation for their determination with work ethic, independence, and the ability to love; however, it is the eyes of the beholders stiring women of all cutlure to defined the beauty through the obvious physical appearance, which attracts mates .

             Women of different racial groups are diverse in terms of how their culture expresses beauty. Italian women are considered beautiful women to be shapely, whereas the American culture tends to say that women should be a certain size. Additionally, Italian women prefer to dress up on a regular basis rather than be more casual like American women. For example, Italian women make sure their footwear are usually heels rather than tennis shoes that carries a spice to boost their style no matter the comfort as well as wearing finer brands, which brings their sexiness in slim-cut clothing because of their love for attention of men from their oppression with keeping their bodies physically fit.

             Also, African women expresses their beautiful through wearing traditional clothing, which are colorful and beautiful, and most women are shaped like a pear as well as full lips without plumpers. Within the tribes in the jungle living, the women are showing different ways of dressing by attaching accessories to their body such as piercings and big neck rings

South Africanew

For example, styles of the dress shown from Chad, Africa reveals their beauty as being modesty due to their religions beliefs where the women wear rabott or pagne covering their upper as well as lower halves. So if they were married then an apron was attached to their clothing to prevent other men from engaging in sexual behavior or trying to make them their wife. Also the dress styles don’t designate social stratification like in countries of U.S where one knows how much one can acquire, yet since their culture is center around horticulture the clothing are made out of cotton and animal fiber as well as there are laws restricting what one can wear in public due to other. However, women can achieve substantially wealthy and beauty by becoming overweight since famine is prevalent in some part of Africa unlike the American image of women.

Brazilians women tend express their beauty through realm of their bodies and I feel as though they are setting the standards as well as promoting healthy habit to avoid obesity in other countries like U.S. The women of the culture tend have picture-perfect figures, gorgeous hair, bright smiles, smooth skin, and more. One of the biggest tending topic being consume by other women of differnt cultures that has the media portraying what it means to be sexy is having a physically fit thick buttock and thin waist as well as even sometimes going about forgetting paying bills and getting plastic surgery because they want the big breast that mainly white women tend have and the pretty faces from cosmetic. As you can see with the video Snoop Dogg feels the Brazilian beautiful.


Chimps & Humans Way Of Creating Aural Energy

Wow this is a pretty absurd topic of the hour to be discussing, but come on lets breakdown way Humans and Chimpanzees have sex referring to it as making love to the money sometimes and use it in the reproductive stage of their lives. If u didn’t know by now humans have sex in all sort of ways no giving a fucks at all literally such as oral sex which both genders craves like crazy, vaginal sex like who would pass that other than guy homosexuals no offense just saying, and anal sex from my view is revolting even though research as well as experimentation has found men can climax from this type of sex. On the other hand, chimpanzees have vaginal sex and freely same sex intercourse where women on women stimulate each other as well as men on men manually stimulate each other like how can this be. Therefore how does this relate to human and chimpanzees way of creating aural energy??

Human males are lion trying to mate with the best of the best female so we can reproduce with the one or many females so we can share our intimate energy with them because the we have been wanting to establish powerful connection that turn into us having an interesting day to day life. For example, the rap artist Trinidad James song Southside say, “ratchet bitches we love, classy bitches we fuck,” because Trinidad James making a connection to how men think in terms of ratchet and classy females in which we know the ratchet females are just plain mind-numbingly stupid believing she is every mans eye candy, yet they better think again tootsies cause they are wrong and  this is the general statement of what men will say; however, after taking a trip in a coworker thoughts she said “motherfucker don’t get this mix up I might be ratchet but I classy and smart ass bitch N*****,” she had me laughing because she was right after I have observe that ass for a minute and picked through her mind. On the flip side men believe the classy female we love to have sex with are positive, loving, uplifting people that make us feel dominant over the weaklings because of the way they carry themselves with confidence, elegance, poise, her professionalism, and overall demeanor from the way she dresses to the way she speaks signifying everything is done in a tastefully manner.

Furthermore, Chimpanzees female mates create their aural energy through how strong they score the male species on their grooming attributes and proximity that develop from their frequent companion of interest. For example, Bonobo female mates are kings in their society due to the alliances they have create through sisterhood which they are not afraid of male from the strength in number as well as why sexes minge peacefully. So Bonobo chimpanzees create their aural energy by separating sex from reproduction referring to as a pleasure activity that give off a social glue controlling the make or break of all sort relationship as well as decreasing tension caused by competition over limited resources. When we dissect their culture on how they are using their shared intimate energy then witness female uses sex as tool resources by having many sexual intercourses with both genders for getting about the spiritual debris that sex leaves behind when both genders aural energy intertwines, so this is their way of creating a peaceful atmosphere among the clan. Conversely, once the female gets a glimpse of food then their sex mechanism automatically trigger on creating sexual excitement and aural energy through, especially when females migrated to another natal group which they then decide to make good use of their endless sexual favors, for example, sometime females will have sex with the males & females before feeding.

Everybody wanna shine bright like a diamond but no one willing to get cut bcz a diamond start off at cold & very humble beginning b4 it get cut and crystallized to become a end product a consumer eyes. So if You think the Version you are Today is going to get u what u want in life then u must crazy. Just destory ur defensive mechism wall, take construstive cristism, and stride to become phenomena person.